When I Don't "Love" to Work Out... June 10 2015

I would consider myself a person who likes to exercise. My Twitter bio even supports this claim: “Cliché of things I enjoy: Running, Xtend Barre…” I tell everyone, “It’s so great, such a great stress reliever.”

However, there are too many days when I don’t love it, I actually kind of hate it. My feet feel like dead weight and I am sure my heart is going to burst out of my chest. I know I have run at least 3 miles but watch tells me I have only run .75 miles. I go to my barre class wearing a baggy tank top with my hair in a mess of a bun, and everyone else around me is pristinely dressed in LuLu Lemon attire. I don’t think some of them even sweat (not sure how that’s possible).

Whenever I get in this mindset, I have to remind myself why I work out. It doesn’t matter if some days I am averaging a 10+ minute mile, or if every minute of my run is a battle between my mind and my body. I have to remind myself that exercising isn’t about what I wear, or about what the rest of the people around me look like or do. It’s about my improvement, and the fact that I did something to try and be healthier that day.

I love this new commercial by Nike because I think it’s such an honest representation of the way most women feel about exercise. I have to constantly remind myself that it’s all about my progress, and I am definitely “better for it” every day I make the choice to be active.

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